Persephone Hazard (seph_hazard) wrote,
Persephone Hazard

Alright, let's get this cleared up once and for all

As some of you will know, really quite some time ago now ago I volunteered to run a one-day event in London. I was going to call it Teledeux and it died in the water very fast, due to illness and, yes, incompetence on my part. I was utterly, utterly rubbish about keeping people informed, and have apologised to some of those concerned since - but not enough of you, and not publicly. So, here you go:

I am very very sorry. I fucked up. I know why and how I fucked up, and how to avoid repeating this in the future. I would be very grateful if you could all forgive me, and I promise I won't do anything like it again :-)
Tags: not the sort with the spock ears, the staggering stupidity of me
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